Zac Efron Is Met By A Massive Crowd Of Fans In Brazil [PHOTOS]

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Zac Efron arrived at Sao Paulo International Airport today in Brazil to throngs of awaiting fans. It was utter chaos as Zac had to work his way through the crowds with the help of security.

The heartthrob recently revealed his childhood crush to Kidzworld:

Kidzworld: When you were a tween about the age of your character Ted, was there a cute neighbor girl you would do anything to be around?

Zac: I had a babysitter named Brook. I guess she was in high school. So, what was I? 12 or younger? Whatever, I had a really big crush on her. She was really spontaneous and fun and loved to make us sing and dance and paint. It was like, ‘Gosh. You’re the coolest person in the world.’ I guess I did have my young love.

Kidzworld: Did you do silly things to impress her?

Zac: I think we [he and his brothers] did everything to impress her, everything possible, which was ridiculous, yeah.

Zac Efron made an appearance on The Voice last night. However, if you were looking forward to hearing him sing, you were left disappointed, but Betty White did. Watch.