Zac Efron Is Done With His Italian Dancing Vacation, Eats A Worm With Bear Grylls

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We dare you not to blush.
At least I’m pretty sure that Zac Efron is leaving Italy after a week since he was headed to the airport.

The actor and his new BFF Michelle Rodriguez were spotted in Sardinia again today, making their way to the airport. I guess this means all of the dancing videos are done…for now.

But there is this video where you can see Zac for a hot second. So wait, are they arriving in Sardinia? I give up trying to figure this out. One thing I don’t need to figure out though is that Zac ate a worm with Bear Grylls. 

You can watch the video below. Remember when I told you that Zac was going to be a guest on Bear’s new reality show? Well we got our first look at it today. Honestly, the people they got for this show are pretty cool. I’m excited about the Channing Tatumepisode.

Check out Zac eating the worm/bug/insect below and don’t forget to take a peak at his Italian life in the gallery. If you can figure out what he’s actually up to you get a prize*.

*There is no actual prize.