Zac Efron Holding Hands With A Guy At NBA Party, Claims National Enquirer

March 3rd, 2011 // 57 Comments

The National Enquirer (via Boy Culture) is claiming that Zac Efron, seen here on the set of New Year’s Eve on Tuesday (March 1), was spotted holding hands with a guy at an NBA party at the W hotel in Los Angeles on February 18, 2011. According to a partygoer:

“‘I was shocked at how relaxed and open Zac was with this guy,’ continued the fellow partygoer. ‘He walked around talking to him, smiling and holding his hand right in front of everyone, including Vanessa. People were wondering if maybe it was a stunt to make Vanessa jealous. But truthfully, Zac really seemed into the guy.’”

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Now I guessing that Zac Efron is a pretty smart guy, and that he’s most likely not gay. However, even if Zac does happen to be gay, my guess is that the last thing that he’d do is hold hands with a guy at an event after being in the closet for so long.

His ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens was at the party as well, and the two of them exchanged pleasantries. What are your thoughts on the holding hands story? Share your thoughts in the comments.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jacksonwhole

    There have been multiple blind items about him, so I don’t see this as a surprise.

  2. janoani

    is anyone really suprised??

  3. Jacky

    Good for him, if its true. At least he is not hiding who he is.

  4. aryanna

    this is not true hi likes girls and he and vanessa are getting back together

  5. XYZ

    Not surprised at all. Go ahead and get out of the closet, Zac!

  6. yupz

    Knew this since HSM (the first one). Old news.

    • steph

      Hello, my name is Steph :) I have no Gaydar. (Unfortunatly) and I just saw pictures of him with “Ashley tisdale” today (Was Heartbroken)… I donno if its for keep him safe of the gay rumors that are going on in the internet but… do you really think he is gay ? im a guy.. I may be bi because of him. Tell me what you think ’cause I believe anything I see or heard. Also if you could find me videos or pictures (Not the one he’s with an other guy in an hat. its not him i did my search) that could show me he’s gay IT WOULD BE REALLY APPRECIATE thx

  7. vVv

    i HOPE he is haha

    • bria brown

      people like yu guys need to shut the fuqk up cause zac efron is nt gay so yu guys need to come all tht shxt down like foreallll doe.he is nt justin bieber so stop thinkin sum people think tht justin bieber gay bt he nt if justin bieber was gay he would have neva got selena gomez in tell the truth no homo selena gomez is a pretty nice lookin gurr sum people think tht gay is a badd thing like um a pretty gurr gurr ask me all the time do i want to go out with them i say no because um nt gay gay is nt really a badd thing bt sum of yu need to stop sayin tht zac efron is gay because he nt.

    • Abbs

      Chill. Who cares if he’s gay or bisexual? He’s still cute, and it’s not like you’re going to ever wind up marrying him in any case. Calm the hell down. It doesn’t make him any less adorable, and there’s nothing wrong with him being himself, whatever that is.

    • Stephen

      I wish I could understand what Bria Brown was trying to say, but he/she(?) neglected to use proper English.

    • ass-assin

      oh…that was english was it?

  8. j

    or in some way he doesn’t care about holding hands and stuff then why not just go for it

  9. bobo

    he is definitely scarfin down on dick

  10. jean

    duuuuuuuuude!!!! Good for him! And socialite, why are you acting like it’s a stupid thing for him to come out of the closet? WTH?

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    • Samantha Watson

      I dont know why your trying to hide your gayness Emily (the ”girl” who commented on this page!).Your obviously a boy who is trying to hide you gay sexuality.We know…no shame!

    • Amy

      Um,Samantha dear,YOUR SO STUPID!Why would you even think Emily is gay?Unless YOUR Emily!Samantha,dont hide it,your gay!Just like Justin Bieber.

  12. Ahahahaha

    Fake and gay

  13. TheOne

    honestly, I dont know if I believe it right now…
    but I would totally love to hear new about Zac Efron coming out the closet.

  14. Zac Efron National Enquirer
    sofronia sheehan
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    The gay issuie about zac efron still remains to be seen. If he is gay, it reminds me of Rock Hudson.

  15. Zac Efron National Enquirer
    sofronia sheehan
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    I hope it is not true.

  16. Zac Efron grey jacket New Years Eve set
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  17. Yea Right.

    EVERYONE has a camera nowadays. I find it hard to believe no one took a picture(even with a phone or something) So I’m sure this is BS….(Though I do think he is gay lol, they are just trying to out him tho)

  18. Nick

    I don’t believe the report, as it’s from “anonymous,” there’s no photo, and there are simply too many people in LA who don’t know the difference between the truth and a lie to believe any of them without corroboration. In any event, it doesn’t even matter if he’s attracted to other men. Only a woman can give him a child. He’s smart enough to know that. And he’s obviously sufficiently virile to mate with the female of the species even if some other guy turns heads in the looks department. With genes like Zac’s, he really ought to have lots of babies to improve the general level of the race.

    • JayJay

      Fuckin hell are you mad? You think someone that is gay would get with women and not be “stupid” because he needs to have children? You’re completely mad and crazily ignorant. People are born gay and are attracted to the same sex and suppressing this in the hope to be normal and have kids would be distressing, depressing and extremely fake. Also yes biologically you need a woman to have a child but many gay parents adopt or have surrogates so I really do not understand your view point.

    • Hmm

      You are not thinking clearly Nick

  19. michael

    Wow, I really think that people need to mind there own buisness and leave people alone and let them be who they want to be gay or straight in High School people judged and labeled me as gay because I like to dance, theatre, and not your typical straight guy and still today haunted by it. Does this mean I’m gay because that’s how I’m labeled. No so fuck off and leave people alone

    • kim

      you sound just like my brother his name is even michael and he does all of those thing (dance theatre etc) lol idk if he’s gay he says hes not so i believe him.

    • Joe

      Hear hear… Today’s society is degenerating rapidly and if we keep on putting labels on people due to stereotypes then really we’re all a bunch of lowlifes. Okay some people are gay and you can tell straight away but others are not so obvious (such as bikers). We should not put labels on people and judge people based on what they do. If Zac is gay then that is his choice but we cannot believe these claims as there is not strong clear evidence apart from someone’s word. Ergo we all need to grow up and mind our own buisness

  20. Zac Efron grey jacket New Years Eve set
    Manny S.
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    Zac Efron is the sexiest man Ive ever seen! He could be my man ;-)

  21. Zac Efron National Enquirer
    Megan Efron
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    none of this is true, this is all fake. you should all know better that he is NOT gay!

    • Abbs

      Get over it–don’t get so offended by it, “Mrs.” Efron…LOL! It’s not like you’re ever going to go out with him even if is straight, and there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

  22. sven

    what 4 a surprise lol
    Mr. Efron is gay ….. tell me something new … everyone knows that but the girls who loves him so much … he has to be honest and he would have more fans but he lies everytime … i don´t understand that, sorry I can´t …

    • steph

      I’m so sad…. I have a huuuuuge crush on him… but no gaydar’s working for me… and… I just saw pictures of him with “Ashley tisdale” today (Was Heartbroken)… I donno if its for keep him safe of the gay rumors but… do you really think he is gay ? im a guy.. I may be bi because of him. tell me what you think cause I believe anything I see or heard. Also if you could find me videos or pictures (not the one he’s with an other guy in a hat. its not him i did my search) that could show me he’s gay IT WOULD BE REALLY APPRECIATE thx

  23. Brad

    where is the pic, I still haven’t seen the pic of him holding hands with a guy, it is just him sitting there with his own hands together. I don’t care if he is gay or not I hope so he is so hot but the enquirer is a piece of crap mag and is always spreading lies about people and have been sued so many time it isn’t funny. If he is or isn’t who’s business is it anyway but his. Leave the guy alone and let him live his life. If he is gay he would be a very good positive role model for young gay people everywhere. People need to get a life and grow up!

  24. SHayzee

    if any of you actually believe this, then i laugh at you. he was spotted by an ‘unknown source’, no one else has been able to confirm this, there are no pictures, the national enquirer has lied before … where’s the proof?

  25. william

    if he really is gay i only have one thing to say so what not like it matters to me i don’t really give a crap that is really completely up to him if he is or not it in now way affects me or anyone else ever in the history of the world even the girls that want him still doesn’t affect them because he problem wasn’t going to date them anyways and if any fan has any other reaction to thing than something like a so what doesn’t really affect me attitude they aren’t really his fans anyways also it doesn’t really effect anyone other than him and who wants to be with

  26. Zac Efron National Enquirer
    Daryl Storie
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    goo\d if he is gay hook a guy up hes fine id tap that!

  27. canabicboy23

    I don’t think he’s gay, holding hands with a guy doesn’t make you gay, maybe he’s a very gd friend, that’s all, I hold hands with my best friends some times and it doesn’t mean anything :-d

  28. Matthew

    If he is, I think it’s time for him to come out. I don’t know about everyone, but i’d still be his fan either way.

  29. Rudy

    I find it fine if he is but to me it’s been obvious that he is

  30. Adamo

    Who the hell cares if he is holding hands with another dude or was or is in the closet and now out or not. Why are we as people always up in everyone elses business?

  31. Tia

    I see Zac out with his boyfriend from time to time, holding hands and whatever. its not a big deal. He is ‘out’ – just not to the public. It is common for actors, male and female to have “fake” opposite-sex “public persona” boyfriends or girlfriends (usually who are also actors) when really they are gay in their private life. Again, its not a big deal. MANY performers – especially MUSICAL THEATRE PERFORMERS are gay in their private life.

  32. ceecee

    the way this article is portraying gossip is pretty homophobic. someone’s sexuality shouldn’t make headlines, rather, it is private information that shouldn’t make a different.

  33. JC

    HAHAHAHA this is funny listening to people’s thoughts, frankly this is no one business apart from Zac’s if he want people to know something then he would announce it. Wether he is a celeb or not he has a private life and perhaps he would like to keep it that way.

  34. Joanne M Torku

    You guys trust the National Enquirer? That magazine is a fake. They have no creditability.

  35. Jer

    He is an actor so he does have a personal life, some people mix up and actor for the characters they play. I think by making those 3 high school musical movies got him stuck in the teen heart throb zone for young girls. Now he’s been in 3 hit movies since Disney days and people look at his body of work instead of his body. I’m gay so I see the pattern straight jealous girls refuse to see. I also have no aspirations to sleep with him either. Just think people would you lie about who you were to make millions I would. Also if you really know Zac you would know all the stuff put in the press he laughs about because it’s not him. Like the stories of his favorite food or animal etc. when he is asked never match up because usually its all fabricated to draw in a fan base, and he’ll even admitt that. He was on an episode of Ellen where she asked him about this and he laughed because one of the comments was that he likes big boned or thick girls in one of those stupid High school musical books sold by Disney.

  36. Zac Efron National Enquirer
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    God some people act like he has cancer or HIV. He’s still the same person just now he’s telling the truth, I guess some people would rather be lied to.

  37. Sheena

    If he’s gay so what? Yes, many girls will be disappointed and in denial. Hollywood has always had hunky leading men that were set up with a “beard” by their studios to make it appear that they are straight so as to keep their gay movie stars in the public favor but in the 21st Century where more and more younger educated Americans are becoming more accepting of sexuality and differences over their narrow minded counterparts, it doesn’t matter. There are MANY in Hollywood that are gay (or bi). We are ALL sexual beings. Get over it.

  38. Redden

    I love how overly-opinionated and under-educated some of you are. People are not BORN gay. Thats probably as dumb as saying people are born smart, talented, athletic, funny, etc. It is a a trait, and like all traits, it develops over time; Nurture, not nature… But yes, as a female (bi female, @ that), I have always found him way too hot to be straight. Lol

    • Abbs

      Everyone I know who’s gay says they KNEW they were gay from like, day one. Not like it matters, but I just find that astonishing that you would say that. And everyone’s sexuality is different, so…kind of upsets me a bit, since it’s kinda’ the mentality that all the asshole homophobic preachers have, i.e. that you can “pray away the gay” and that, if your kid starts “acting gay”, you should reprimand them by physically abusing them.

  39. Ty

    Thats what they all say, most celebs say there not gay just to save there careers im gay and im not shame of it, he he wants to be gay thats his busuiness, zac is a sexy guy, no lie about that hahaha, do hwat you want zac its your life im proud of all your accomplishments still love you buddy.

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