Zac Efron Greets Screaming Teenage Fans As He Shows Off His Attractiveness In London

Ever since his High School Musical days, Zac Efron has had hoards of screaming fans constantly around him, and I really don’t think it’s ever going to change.

Zac visited the BBC Radio studios in London to promote his new movie Neighbors, and there was no shortage of excited fans to greet him when he left. Zac gave the peace sign to the cameras and signed lots of autographs.

He looked super hot, of course, because he’s Zac Efron. If he didn’t look hot then I’d be worried.

Zac had a great time saying hi to his fans and tweeted about it, showing a picture of him posing for a selfie. What I wouldn’t give to take a selfie with Zac.

Zac has been hard at work promoting Neighbors, which he stars in alongside Seth Rogan (who’s also producing the movie). Zac has absolutely loved working with Seth, both as a costar and a producer.

“Seth really kind of takes the lead, setting the pace and tone for everybody. What Seth is really able to do is ground everything, he’s a great idea guy, he’s fun to improv with. I’ve always appreciated Seth’s sense of humor, his sensibility. It’s so honest, so self-deprecating.”

What an adorable bromance they have going on. I love it. With two funny, fabulous men, lots of shenanigans are bound to happen. I can’t wait to see Neighbors and see what kind of trouble they get themselves into!