Zac Efron Enjoys An LA Lunch, Sadly With His Shirt On And No Robert Pattinson

Come on Zac Efron, it’s not like I ask for that much from you. There are just certain things I’ve come to expect.

1) That you have your shirt off at all times (preferably while majestically riding a horse). And 2) that you always maintain a perfect bromance–this time with Robert Pattinson.

Sadly, Zac was doing neither of these things yesterday as he grabbed lunch in Los Angeles with some friends. 

Instead he wore a North Carolina shirt, tried to go incognito and was photographed at the wrong moment by the paparazzi doing something weird with his arm. It’s OK Zac. I still love you.

Also, have you seen that video of Zac skydiving in preparation for his appearance on Bear Grylls Running Wild? It’s rather amusing.

Looks like you had quite a lot of fun. Although I still prefer the wiggle video. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Zac from yesterday. Do you guys have any irrational demands we can telepathically send his way? Write them down in the comments! Maybe if we all work together, it’ll happen.