Zac Efron Dares His Crew To Cut Their Hair (For A Good Cause)

Zac Efron dared the crew of his new movie, The Lucky One, to cut their hair for charity.  It all began when Efron had to shave his head to play a soldier.  Said soldier is looking for a woman whose picture he found and used as a good luck charm while serving in Iraq.  To get into character, Efron had to give himself a military buzz.  That’s where he got the idea to round up the crew to cut their hair for a cause.  For every person who snipped-snipped, Efron vowed to donate money to the Kingsley House charity in New Orleans.  Women cut their long hair and donated to Locks Of Love.  Though the amount remains undisclosed, almost thirty crew members took part in the dare.

Way to boost morale AND raise money for a good cause, Zac Efron.