Zac Efron Captures The Scenery In Cannes [PHOTOS]

And thank goodness there were people there to capture Zac Efron!

The actor was spotted at the Eden Roc hotel in Cannes taking photographs of the gorgeous location with his fancy camera. Zac attended the festival to premiere his latest film The Paperboy. Yay! More movies where Zac Efron is serious!

Also, what is up with Zac and beanies? I mean, I get it they’re comfortable, but Zac! You have amazing hair! Like, people want the haircuts you have! Let us see it!

So do you guys think The Paperboy will be any good? I do hope it is. When given the right material, Zac is quite s good actor. Anybody catch Me and Orson Welles? Awesome.

Check out all the shots of Zac hanging out and taking photos in the gallery. Damn boy, you so fine. We should hang out some time.