Zac Efron Broke His Hand Grabbing Dave Franco’s Crotch, Is A Surprisingly “Bad” Abercrombie & Fitch Model

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We dare you not to blush.
It seems like Zac Efron may have gotten himself into a bit of a ball buster while on the set of his newest film Neighbors.

Except the balls happen to belong to Dave Franco and the only thing that was busted was…well, Zac’s hand.

Lets just start off by saying that Zac Efron has been getting A LOT of attention in the media for all kinds of obscene reasons lately.

From getting his shirt ripped off at the MTV Movie Awards, to having to awkwardly explain “sac-tapping” on Graham Norton’s popular UK talk show, the 26-year-old actor has had quite an interesting week or two in the press.

So, the fact that he broke his hand while grabbing after Dave Franco’s nether regions shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, right?

Wrong. We’d still say it’s pretty weird and even weirder as to how it all went down.

While on The Tonight Show this past Wednesday, Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to ask Zac what exactly caused him to hurt his hand so badly.

Apparently the two were filming a fight scene in which Zac grabs Dave’s testicles (um…ouch?) and it was then that the fracture somehow occurred.

“Those Franco brothers have balls of steel,” said Efron of the experience. Indeed they must…yikes!

Believe it or not though, this was far from being the only bizarre incident that went on while he was filming Neighbors.


In the film, once the great prank war between Zac and Seth Rogen’s characters finally comes to an end, the two share a special, shirtless (typical) bonding moment outside of an Abercrombie & Fitch store where they then attempt to coerce passersby’s into shopping there.

What was left out of the film however, was that the scene was filmed at a real mall with real shoppers – not actors – and both Seth and Zac to entice any of them to come into the store.

“Seth just took his shirt off and just started standing next to us. Literally, I think [director Nicholas Stoller] was like, ‘Try to get people into the store, so customers would come by — real, legit customers — and we would just try to usher them in. And nobody would come in. It’s so sad. Pretty much the whole scene was improv, but I was kind of embarrassed I couldn’t get anybody in the store.”

We’re sad too Zac, but only for the simple fact that these people missed out on being up close n’ personal with your famed abs! If only they’d been paying more attention, tisk, tisk!

Check out the video below and the gallery above for more of an inside look at Zac’s interview with Jimmy Fallon!