Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan Keep Their Bromance Alive, Zefron Discusses Where His Sexcapades Occur

I Love Him!
Zac writes a letter to his fans on Instagram.
Have you ever witnessed such a beautiful exchange between two handsome men?

Don’t answer that. I already know your response is no. Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan have the best Hollywood bromance at the moment.

It makes me happier to  see them making heart eyes at each other than anything else. Definitely no awkward moments there!

Just a few days ago the men were cozying up to each other at a basketball game in Miami. I wonder if Miles Teller feels like a third wheel yet.

When Zefron’s around, if you feel like the third wheel, you stay quiet and smile while admiring those baby blues and that gorgeous smile.

After breaking his jaw just a little over two months ago, he looks absolutely perfect. How wonderful it is that he healed so nicely.

Could his injury have anything to do with how forthcoming he has been lately? Did the breaking of his jaw rattle something in his brain? As of late, he has shared more about his sexcapades (sexual escapades if you’re not familiar with the term) than I ever expected to hear. Not that I’m complaining! Keep it coming, Mr. Efron!

He says sex should remain in the home – not just confined to the bedroom, however. It should happen ‘all over your home’. Zac shared, “I’m a big fan of the kitchen table.” Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! Wink!

A couple of weeks ago, he also said he “doesn’t object” to sex on the first date. He actually thinks it’s a beautiful thing.

That Awkward Moment opens January 31! How excited are you to see the film?

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