YWYWTBYN: Rest in Peace

After a prior week of celebration, things have recently taken a sad turn.

Death has visited both the royal and socialite communities.

Usually talked about in the news for their antics, the princes William and Harry gathered with their father and Camilla on Friday to grieve the loss of Camilla’s father, Major Bruce Shand. An estimated 150 people appeared to honor the decorated war veteran. After a long period of illness, he passed away. The former cavalry officer lived with his daughter, Annabelle, in his last years. Major Bruce Shand had previously battled cancer.

A real-life murder mystery is still being investigated within Australia regarding the death of Gold Coast socialite Dianne Brimble in 2002. Brimble was found dead and naked in a Pacific Sky cruise cabin. Her body contained a lethal dose of the drug “Fantasy”. When an associate attempted to speak of the tragedy, Georgie Gillings, the former Pacific Sky cruise director, told the man to “shut your mouth” causing many to become suspicious of her behavior.

Please take a moment to mourn those who have passed before going back to your busy lives.

Thank you.

Written by Sara Zucker

Tags: Royalty