YWYWTBYN: Everyone Wants To Be a Writer

Wherever Miu is now, I’m sure she would get a kick out of the recent news about a socialite on the run. According to Australia’s Herald Sun, socialite Farah Damji, daughter of a “British millionaire property tycoon”, did not return to Downview Prison after being allowed to attend a tutorial in London. Damji was serving a three-and-a-half year sentence for fraudulently spending thousands of dollars on luxury goods. Ironically, she was also accused of stealing her nanny’s credit card. I suppose that leading a posh lifestyle can get expensive. Who better to borrow from than your own worker? On another occasion, Farah attempted to impersonate both a secretary and two members of the Crown Prosecution Office in an attempt to have her charges dropped. What this all leads to is that Damji recently wrote about her newfound independence from the law in her MySpace blog. Apparently, she felt that A Socialite’s Life was inappropriate. A Socialite’s Prison Sentence seemed more fitting.

Nonetheless, despite our lack of riveting articles about living a rebellious life escaping prison, I would like to think that A Socialite’s Life has always been a compelling and entertaining read. Still, if anyone can find Farah Damji’s MySpace profile, it would be much appreciated.

Sara Zucker’s YWYWTBYN, continues, after the jump.

Prince Charles has also taken to writing. In his case, it is a royal cookbook. Bursting with recipes that will make any mere mortal drool, once will soon be able to cook up such items as “beef casseroyal” or “hash crowns”. I hope you see the dry, British humor in the titles. I can already tell that my favorite will be the “Camillalloni”. Where do people get this stuff? There will be only four chapters to signify the seasons in a year with appropriate recipes for each. The Prince apparently “demands all his food is cooked for scratch and nothing is shop-bought – except for favourite condiments such as Hellman’s mayonnaise.” A little interesting tidbit to keep in mind the next time you decide to bring something over to a royal family picnic.

In the words of the Deftones in their much-appropriate song Back To School, “Now grab a notebook and a pen. Start taking notes. I’m being everyone who’s on top. You think we’re on the same page – but, oh, we’re not!”

Written by Sara Zucker