Yummy: ‘Top Chef Desserts’ Winner Yigit Pura

Not only is he a creator of confectionery delights, but he is a tasty morsel himself. Yep, I’m talking about Top Chef: Just Desserts winner Yigit Pura, who won $110,000 in total over the competition.

Pura has said that with his winnings he wants to open a high-end concept dessert shop in San Francisco and that the season progressed, all the people changed…

“Perhaps it started like a first date and then as the relationship grew you saw people’s true character. We were all under stress and people were different ― no one in particular. I called Zac “Zaction” because he was always on the go and moving. One disappointing thing was watching the show and seeing how many ill remarks Morgan made about other contestants. I had a sense of that but it was different watching it all,” he said.

Also on everyone’s mind was that he made chocolate souffles for his boyfriend, but the chef said that he’s currently very single.