YouTube Star Tyler Oakley Cuddles With A Teddy Bear For Kids Beating Cancer

Nolan Gerard Funk & Bunky
Nolan supports Kids Beating Cancer charity.
You probably know Tyler Oakley as the crazy big YouTube star that he is, but did you also know that he is one of the most charitable and awesome celebrities around?

In addition to his work raising money and awareness for the Trevor Project, Tyler is also the new face of Kids Beating Cancer.

Kids Beating Cancer’s mission is to increase access to treatment for children with cancer, leukemia and other related life threatening diseases in need of a marrow or stem cell transplant by funding the cost to identify compatible donors, funding uninsured medical expenses and providing support for families as they face the challenging journey towards a cure. 

No wonder Tyler has chosen to work with them. And no wonder that even President Obama considers himself a fan. Make sure to check out Tyler’s videos on his YouTube channel, but first launch the gallery for all the photos of Tyler and the teddy bear.

Photography: Michael Freeby