Your Mess Update

That is a gay-ass hat. Add a colorful ribbon and it’s a definite accessory to sport at the retirement village’s women’s shuffleboard tourney. In 1982. Anyway, K-Fed wants to keep acting. Please, the only acting you’re doing is playing a concerned parent so you can get your check!

Britney Spears’s ex donned the spiky ‘do for his guest-starring gig on the CW’s One Tree Hill, according to Extra, which visited Federline on the set.

“I’m really into the acting thing,” Federline tells Extra. “I’m loving it!”

As are producers, who cast him for a two-episode arc but may want him back for more, calling him a “perfect fit” to play the frontman for No Means Yes, a rock band in the show’s fictional setting of Tree Hill, N.C,

That’s a charming name for a band. “One Tree Hill” loves rape! In other news, Britney might apologize for her VMA performance at the Emmys. Cause’ that makes sense.


Yes, according to an Emmy Awards show source, who tells that Fox network brass were “in negotiations” with Brit’s camp as of Thursday afternoon to get her on this Sunday night’s annual telecast. The source adds that while her appearance has not yet been confirmed, “the idea is to have her come on and apologize for the VMAs. She’s weighing the offer.”

It’s not like she flashed her tit at the Superbowl! Jesus, so she looked like an ass. If everybody in Hollywood was apologizing for looking like an ass at totally random award shows, we wouldn’t have time to give the actual awards out. We’d get Vanessa Hudgens upstaging Dame Judi Dench!