EXCLUSIVE: Traci at the Young Hollywood Awards – The Sequel

I know you were all waiting at the edge of your seats to see more from the Young Hollywood Awards…


Well anywho, here are a few more video clips from my red carpet adventure. The one above has Rachel Fox from ‘Desperate Housewives’ (what a cutie!), Alex Frost from ‘Drillbit Taylor’ (what a hottie!), Kay Panabaker on Jesse McCartney and her new NBC pilot, and Adam G. Sevani from ‘Step Up 2.’

Don’t let the little innocent ones fool you — Rachel talks about her love of being evil, and Adam was the one all the ladies were grinding on at the party. I think all the other guys were a tad bit jealous of his moves.

See more video after the jump, including cranky Donald Sutherland, Brittany Robertson, Teddy Geiger, and Nickelodeon’s own red carpet maven Lily Collins (yes, her daddy is Phil).

I had a blast interviewing the best of young Hollywood and I had a wonderful time hanging out with them at the Crest Whitestrips afterparty. Believe me, these kids know how to have a good time!

Special thanks to our media guru Wayne Ford for working that camera and being fabulous as always.

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