Young Hollywood Awards Attracts Beautiful Babies

Country superstar Taylor Swift was looking all smoky-eyed and stunning at the Young Hollywood Awards red carpet. I wasn’t really sure who she was before these pictures, but holy crap, this girl is absolutely stunning. She’s so pretty, she doesn’t even need to be talented, and yet from what I’m hearing, her musical abilities are just as enviable as that perfect porcelain skin of hers. Sigh. I’m even jealous of those perfectly-gromed eyebrows of hers. She snagged the Superstar of Tomorrow Award and I’m thinking those brows had something to do with it.

Meanwhile, there seemed to be a strange mix on the red carpet of genuine stars and reality TV freak shows. Adrianne Curry was there, showing off a slice of her new and improved cleavage. That one really needs never to procreate. Watching her My Fair Brady show is like being in a bad relationship, without any of the benefit of the fucked-up but awesome emotional sex that goes along with.

Kat von D showed up too, probably trolling for her next ex-junkie, long-haired rock-and-roller boyfriend. Her dating life reads like an Opposite Day Rock of Love where a bunch of has-been rockers are competing for her affection and for the life of me, I can’t stop watching.

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