Young Hollywood Parties At LAX Opening

August 19th, 2005 // 27 Comments

The stars lined up for the opening of LAX Nightclub (owned by Nicole Richie‘s fiancee DJ Adam Goldstein) in LA. There was no Paris Hilton in sight.

These are known as the beautiful people. Those who are not are featured after the jump.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. cakeboy

    the funny part is that
    kelly osbourne is the only one
    that really interests me…
    i’m considering hiring her as my personal
    at least she’s interesting.

  2. M

    Didn’t Kelly O get sent to fat camp or something?

  3. That’s just mean! I kinda like Kelly. Kinda. Don’t know what is walking next to her. Well, her face is oddly orb like…

  4. A Boy and His Dog

    Todays topic:
    Why rock stars shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

  5. Gossip Guru

    I like Kelly.She is a little overweight, but at least she is an individual. She is not like the rest of the clones that are posted as the beautiful people.

  6. SG

    pretty, yes. beautiful and talented, um no.

  7. STU

    kelly osborne is the most disgusting creature on this or any other planet.

    and yes, i have recently watched starship troopers.

  8. laura

    I admire Kelly b./c she is DIFFERENT, but comon’- you have to look like a freak ALL the time? Her “look” does nothing to flatter her figure… which apparently she is SO concerned about.

  9. mg

    I saw her in a London nightclub a month ago, and she looked nothing like the picture above. She was actually slender compared to the photo. Maybe it’s just her unflattering hair style.

  10. stevienixed

    Kelly’s pretty. Not in an emiciated way, but I prefer her over, say, Mischa who seems utterly boring. She should just have a different haircut. Not flattering…

  11. I'm not original

    Kelly isn’t different or original, have you ever seen any of the other millions of goth kids. Funny how all the “original” people look the same. “The only way to rebel is to dress and act just like me.”

  12. Andrea

    Tiny waist but moon faced. That thing she has with her is what’s making her look fat. I think it weighs in at about 67 pounds. It looks super duper wasted too. I wonder how she can stay away from drugs (if she is) and still hang out with people that are so obviously on something.

  13. zup

    Kelly shouldn’t be something to talk about, she’s fat, ugly, untalented and unintelligent. If it weren’t for her Dad who would she be. Just another Goth loser trying to express herself by dressing different because she’s ugly and can’t get a guy to look her way. What does she do anyway? We know she doesn’t have a career in music. Anybody can become fat and ugly. Enough about her. At least all the beautiful are fun to look at.

  14. jay

    None of these chicks are hot. I’ve seen better at the local mall. (ho hum)

  15. Nicole (Richie) looks GREAT in that picture!

  16. vanessa

    mischa looks pretty, and lindsay’s hair is finally looking good, it’s gotta be the bangs, that and the fact that she is not disgustingly skinny anymore !

  17. glitterjar

    Kelly is probably the coolest of the whole bunch of so called young Hollywood.They all have the same look and all weight 90lbs except for Kelly.
    She has confidence and it shows through her own style.

  18. jjj

    Does no one question that these “stars” (gag) are a bit to young to drink legally? Sure, we did kegs and lines in my basement but c’mon why do they get special treatment? Then again, let me just move my car out a bit while they are driving by….I smell a Personal Injury lawsuit.

  19. bad bunny

    i’m just soooo glad that we don’t have to look at that self-obsorbed whore in these pictures…(i.e. Paris whore-ton)…everyone is beautiful and classy…especially nicole richie!!!!

  20. diador

    omg lindsay looks hot

  21. Anonymous

    I didn’t recognize Jessica because her mouth wasn’t wide open, her tits weren’t exposed, and her extensions weren’t cascading down her sparkly shake ‘n bake back. Jesus, was there a death in the family? Besides the death of talent, I mean…

  22. maria

    Am i the only one who realises that lindsay and nicole look totally high out of their minds.. they should really lay off the drugs.

  23. The thing about Kelly is that she intentionally chooses styles that would make ANYONE look bigger than they are. That hairstyle is hideous and would make anyone’s head look like a ball. You don’t need to combine that with a cheeky face (not meant as an insult). She is not as big as looks but she chooses terrible outfits. I am not saying she is “thin” or that she is “fat”. She just needs to learn the art of fashion and how to shop for the best clothes for herself, i.e., the art of camoflauge. (Spelling?)

  24. Sienna

    i think they all lk gr8, all bt kelly osbourne(she needs to get a tan!!!) jessica usually lks gd bt she lks a bit rough ther?! i luv nicoles new lk nd i do agree i think lindsay lohan lks betta there than usual nd it probs is the bangs!!!

  25. holliday

    nicole richie does look fabulous in that simple and classic dress. her hair looks nice and the dress makes her look fuller than she normally appears.

  26. Jizbiotch

    Okay, students, I’ll share my lesson plans for Today ONLY. First of all, Kelly’s Dad Is OZZIE. She therefore is disgustingly fat, has no ability to relate to humans and will remain as such until the end of time. That is all.

  27. Biba

    Kelly is Cool and she is not a sheep!

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