YouDeserveADrink Halloween Edition: Spicy Vodka Martini [VIDEO]

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One of my many favorite Youtubers is Mamrie Hart, who is the creator of YouDeserveADrink. She and Grace Helbig, who many people know as DailyGrace, work together to create this magical webshow.

Hannah Hart has My Drunk Kitchen and sometimes you need a drink to go with your meal. Perhaps these are the drinks you have to get drunk in order to create your meal. Anything is possible. The two really should pair up and create a YouDeserveMyDrunkKitchen episode.

In this episode of, YDAD, Mamrie decided to create a Halloween themed beverage. Does it look or sound appetizing? No, not really unless you enjoy spicy drinks.

There is a built in drinking game, which I think is extremely clever. Every time she makes a terrible (or amazing) pun in reference to whatever subject she’s creating the drink around, you have to take a sip. With the amount of puns she incorporates, it could be easy to someone to drink a little too much.

Check out the video above, and then let us know in the comments below what you think! Watch a few more of a videos while you’re at it as well!