You Would Think The Lesbian Community Would Have Had Flyers Up Warning Against This Very Thing

June 12th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Anne Heche looks to be once again washing up on the shores of the isle of Lesbos. How did I know this would happen? Homer is gonna have one HELLUVA celebrity son tell-all in 2033. “Mother was always a free spirit, as she had affairs with both men and women. If only she wouldn’t have made me wear tinfoil hats so that the aliens couldn’t find us.”

It seems Anne Heche’s messy divorce from Coleman Laffoon is driving her to seek the company of women. On Saturday night, Heche was spotted “getting very cozy” with club promoter Voula Duval at the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar. Then, Sunday night, Heche was spotted flirting with “Six Degrees” star Shiri Appleby, 28, at a Tony Awards after-party at Bryant Park Hotel. A rep for Heche, who dated Ellen DeGeneres before she married Laffoon, did not return calls.

Dated Ellen DeGeneres? They did more than date, they were on “Oprah” and the press treated them like they were the first lesbian couple in history. Which they kinda were. Then Heche started banging the cameraman (Lafoon), and Ellen got a hotter model (Portia). Yeah. Voula is such a hot name. Voula Harvey?


By J. Harvey

  1. ifyousayso

    i thought she was dating her men in trees co-star? didn’t she leave her husband for him, or did i miss something?

  2. P

    I seriously think she has borderline personality disorder.

  3. green cardigan

    I don’t think she’s borderline anything, she’s a full on nutter. Those beady little eyes say it all.

    I mean, she publically accused her ex of watching porn and interfering with himself all day long . It’s so bad , it’s actually funny.

  4. T-Bone

    P — she definitely has identity issues, but I don’t think I’d go with the borderline diagnosis on this one. If she were self mutilating, threatening suicide and going into fits of rage, I’d say yes. But I haven’t heard that about her. Bipolar — maybe. Chemical abuse issues with a few psychotic breaks — maybe.. All I know is all the lesbians in the world should run for the hills. This woman doesn’t even know herself, let alone others. She might be capable one day of committing to someone fully, but not until she sees herself clearly.

  5. nyc grrrl

    Voula? the club promoter/dealer? The one who looks like Alice Cooper? Seriously, this chick/man is busted… Sorry guys, if you saw her you would not think it was ‘hot’. Yuck! She should go after Jessica Biel or some closet case like that! Voula? ewww…just….ewww…Why not bang Sandra Bernhard? FUG!

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