You Thought Jersey Shore Was Disgraceful? Wait For K-Town!

While one of the most popular shows on TV, Jersey Shore is loathed probably by most Americans – even those who watch it.

So why not cash in on other ridiculous ethnic sub-sets right? That’s what three Asian American producers are planning to do with a group of kids from Los Angeles’ Koreatown. The new show, whose working title is K-Town, has finished filming and is shopping around for a network.

The internet exploded when they heard of the show, with some saying that they will be a disgrace to Asian Americans, while others say that it will be nice to show Asian Americans in a different light than that which they are normally portrayed in Hollywood.

“We intend to show Asian Americans like the world has never seen them before,” says producer Eddie Kim. “All we’ve seen up to this point of Asians on TV is the IT nerd or the buck-toothed ninja. Things have changed in the past twenty years, and we hope to show that.”

The show will feature eight Asian Americans aged 23 to 26 (three full-blooded Korean American males, two full-blooded Korean American females, a Vietnamese American male, a Chinese American female, and a Korean-Irish-German American female for those keeping track at home), who have already managed comparisons to their Jersey counterparts.

Such as Peter “The SituAsian” Lee, Young Lee, Violet Kim, Joe Cha, Jasmine Chang and Steve Kim, who are seen above and in the gallery. Mix and match your K-Town and Jersey Shore characters!

I don’t know. I mean, it sounds absolutely ridiculous but I understand that they just want to represent the Asian American community as rounded, multi-faceted individuals that are beyond the stereotypes in place now. However, as with Jersey Shore, they may merely create new stereotypes and, in fact, be caricatures not of a certain ethnicity, but of a certain age group or generation of hyper-sexed douche-bags and girls with no self-esteem.