You Spin Me Round: Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing to Eff With

After an extended hiatus, Wu Tang Clan recently announced plans for their fifth studio album, titled 8 Diagrams. This disc marks their first effort since the 2004 death of founding member Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Wu Tang mastermind RZA claimed the group found it nearly impossible to carry on without him.

“We still miss him every day… It’s like you lost an arm or a leg, you feel incomplete. He was a very special person, like a very rare diamond. You know, it’s like you wake up one day and they’re saying: ‘There are not diamonds in the world anymore, just cubic zirconia…'”

Bizarre quotes about cubic zironia aside, the new disc should be amazing; the remaining eight members teamed up with a number of guest performers, including E.Z. Mo Bee, Marley Marl, Q-Tip, DJ Scratch, and super-producer Nile Rodgers.

According to RZA, Wu Tang will play a pair of shows in London this summer, with a proper tour of Europe to follow. So get excited to see the group, but don’t call it a comeback.

“This isn’t a comeback. We never went anywhere in the first place, we were just working on various different projects and this is the first group album in six years and the first European Wu Tang tour featuring all members.”

You Spin Me Round continues, plus this week’s free MP3 is after the jump.

Stores expect the disc to arrive sometime this summer. We also have a tell-all DVD from GZA later this year to look forward to; “Wu Tang Revealed” reportedly features live footage of Wu Tang dating back to the nineties.

While you’re waiting for the disc, be sure to get your Wu-name from the Wu Tang Name Generator. I think I might change from Alyk to my Wu-Name, “The 23rd Buchan.”

MP3: Wu Tang Clan – “Better Tomorrow”