You Spin Me Round: Jay-Z Does ‘Rehab’

May turned out to be a banner month for Amy Winehouse; the British soul-singer played in front of sold out crowds all over the US and she married her on/off boyfriend. To top things off, one of the greatest names in hip-hop, Jay-Z, remixed her hit single, “Rehab.”

So how did this odd collaboration come about? Island Def Jam Records distributed Amy’s phenomenal disc Back To Black in the US. Jay-Z, president and CEO of Def Jam, reportedly wanted to give the track a makeover to help Amy break into the American hip-hop market.

A source says, “Jay-Z told Amy he had some great ideas and when he called her back a few weeks later, she couldn’t believe it.”

The promised makeover was more like a superficial glossing over; Jay-Z just added a few pop-culture-rich verses over Amy’s existing percussion and horns.

“My heroin flow’s more lethal than Marilyn’s nose/I’ma OD til I’m in peace like Anna Nicole.”

As a fan of both Amy and Jay-Z, I was a bit disappointed; the track is stellar on it’s own without Jay-Z’s shout out to “Britney, Whitney, and Bobby.” All in all, Ghostface Killah did a much better job remaking Amy’s “You Know I’m No Good” on his disc More Fish. Rather than just adding a couple verses to an already existing song, Ghostface Killah transformed Amy’s confessional track into an all-out rap battle, answering back to her cheating confessions with “Nasty girl, don’t forget I’ma be around forever.”

With any luck, Amy’s US presence will be around forever, too.

Get the remix and one other Amy Winehouse collaboration after the jump.

MP3: Amy Winehouse – “Rehab” (Jay-Z Remix)

MP3: Ghostface Killah & Amy Winehouse – “You Know I’m No Good”