You Spin Me Round: Coldplay

August 14th, 2007 // 10 Comments

A Seattle woman lived out one of my many unrealized dreams: she beat up some dude as he attempted some weak karaoke. The unnamed man stood onstage in a Seattle karaoke bar singing Coldplay’s first big hit, “Yellow,” when the woman (whom witnesses described as a “little hippie girl”) bellowed, “Oh no, not that song. I can’t stand that song!” Then the shit hit the fan…

She then leaped at the would-be singer, shouted expletives at him and told him his singing “sucked”, while expressing the same opinion of the song, according to a Seattle police report.

She pushed the man and punched him, all in an effort to stop his singing.

Other patrons went to the singer’s aid and hauled the 21-year-old woman outside.

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Robert Willmette one the barmen at Changes said: “It took three or four of us to hold her down.”

The incident stirred up a scene both inside and outside the club; after the woman reportedly punched the bartender in the face a couple of times, she “went crazy.” Police eventually arrived, blocking off the entire street to ensure other Coldplay fans in the neighborhood wouldn’t be injured. Police finally cuffed the crazy broad, charging her with assault.

Next time he’s in Seattle, I think Chris Martin better watch his ass and look out for hippies.

MP3: Coldplay – “Yellow”


  1. indoorvoice

    ha ha. i fucking love this story.

  2. LoRider

    21? Puhleeze! Courtney Love is WAYYY older than that.

    Ride Lo

  3. Eyes of Green

    I only react that way to Fergie songs…

  4. Gack Karaoke

    Having suffered through bad karaoke this weekend at a country bar (birthday party, okay!), I think she deserves a cash prize – even though she is clearly CRAZY!

  5. Jeanie

    Even though no one famous is involved, it’s still a GREAT post. I love that a poorly sung Coldplay song is what made this crazy lady crack.

  6. jkate

    She don’t sound too hippie to me…

  7. StraNGeLaD

    She may be a violent and deranged lunatic but you can’t fault her taste.

  8. DarkEnergyPro

    DarkEnergyPro: Sorry, I just read a post that linked here and its easy to see that, being that anyone could post, all those posts probably came from the original blogger. You’re frickin’ weird if you think people don’t have to work for what they have, i.e. Coldplay’s lead singer. I mean come on, the dude’s rich! And i know you’d all rather have riches than be b!+@=es. Coldplay rocks and you can suck a$$ if you say otherwise.No puny comebacks necessary.-DarkEnergyProp.s.: I agree, fergie would make me do the same $=!+, I would tear someone up for singing that, AND badly.

  9. DarkEnergyPro

    You guys fuckin suck if you think people don’t work for what they have. LOOK AT CHRIS MARTIN, HE’S FUCKIN RICH AND UR NOT! So Coldplay rocks and you can suck ass if you think otherwise.No puny comebacks necessary.

  10. jj

    COLDPLAY SUCKS. worse than their music is their attitude towards music and art in general and even politics.they’re like u2 a pop band. an average band like oasis beats them.

    To DarkEnergyPro ,
    you and chris martin can just kiss my ass.

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