You Spin Me Round: 2007 is the Year of the Reunion


The Nostalgia bug bit a few bands anticipating the 2007 summer music season; Van Halen and David Lee Roth; Rage Against the Machine and Zack De La Rocha; and the most anticipated tour of the summer, The Police. The latest rumor is of a Wham reunion; News of the World announced George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley agreed to work on new material in a New York studio. Looking to rekindle the fires of their original successes, these reunited bands hope to earn a pocket full of cash, hook up with a few girls (well, everyone except George), and have a few laughs.

Sometimes these reunions can be fun–after all, The Police provided the soundtrack to the Reagan years and the New Coke era. Unfortunately, others could be the antithesis of fun–David Lee Roth spouts the same trite rock & roll clichés he used in 1982. Sad words when uttered by old, bald guy. Times change, Diamond Dave, but you apparently didn’t.

The New York Dolls well-documented 2004 reunion was somewhat successful. The movie made about the reunion, New York Doll, illustrated bassist Arthur Kane’s struggle with obscurity after the 1975 collapse of the band. Kane’s life culminated in the triumphant 2004 show, but success was short-lived; two weeks after the show, while contemplating the future of the Dolls, Kane checked himself into a Los Angeles hospital, complaining of flu-like symptoms. A few hours later, his previously undetected leukemia took his life. Kane spent his entire adult life thinking a reunion would alleviate years of anger and frustration. Preserving that belief until death, he died a content man. While it appeared to Kane his prayers were answered, he just didn’t stick around long enough to be disappointed in the result.

More on the reunions of Van Halen, The Police, Rage Against the Machine and George Michael plus the MP3 of the week, after the jump.

The problem with reunited bands is they rarely give band members exactly what they expect. They may want to be stars again, reliving their past glories, but they will find relationships soured years ago don’t find a cure in time or distance.

Reunion Roundup:

Van Halen and original singer David Lee Roth begin their tour in August. The “reunited” band announced Edward Van Halen’s fifteen year old son, Wolfgang, replaced bassist Michael Anthony. Shame on you, Ed.

The Police rented rehearsal space to prepare for a Grammy performance. Their reps declined to confirm a summer tour.

Rage Against the Machine and Zack De La Rocha scheduled an April 29 performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, where they will rage against the machine that made them fabulously wealthy.

Wham’s reunion is in the rumor phase, with confirmation from neither George Michael nor Andrew Ridgeley. Hopefully, a reunion can keep George out of trouble.

MP3: New York Dolls – “Trash” (Live) Via Post Punk Junk