You Must Read Headlines Carefully

January 5th, 2006 // 12 Comments

I read the headline as “Sharon Stone suffers second stroke, goes unreported in LA.”

(Source: LAist)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Emily

    What a poorly written headline. I still don’t get it. LA fails to report Sharon’s second stroke? Huh?

  2. Blindqueen

    JERUSALEM — Israel’s chief rabbi is calling on Israelis to read Psalms and to pray for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has undergone lengthy surgery following a life-threatening stroke.

  3. B

    Admittedly when I first saw that headline, I thought they were talking about Sharon Osborne. Which lead me to wonder why I hadn’t heard about the first stroke, let alone the second one…

  4. Two major Jewish news outlets in LA had nothing about Ariel Sharon’s big stroke on their websites yesterday. One had a week-old headline about him having a mild stroke from which he would suffer no ill effects, which seemed wrong considering he’s in critical condition. The headline was clunky, but I promise to be clear if Sharon Stone has a stroke in the future.

  5. ali

    I honestly thought it was Sharon osborne too. how sad.

  6. Mikki Queen of the World


  7. doofus

    ariel sharon is the worst person in the world, other than Bush. he single handidly caused houndreds of thousands to die, but of course it goes unnoticed around the world because the people he was killing were muslims. No one cares, most are ignorant, and before you argue find the truth.

  8. It’s SO sad that poor Ariel Sharon had a second stroke. He’s been through so much in his life…I’m praying for him to recover!

  9. Lisa

    Sharon died during surgery. The media is keeping him alive. It’s the same situation as Arafat. Keep the peace until THEY decide what to do politically. What do you think would happen if the leader of Israel (who was a General) was pronounced dead without any back up waiting in the wings?

  10. BloodChild

    I totally read that as Sharon Stone too.

  11. notadoofus

    To Doofus,

    Sharon is the worst in the world? Why, because he defends his people? And all those muslim suicide bombers are doing the RIGHT thing of course, correct?

    Your name suits you well.

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