You Missed Your Chance To Become A Certified Whore

Have you dreamed of becoming a prostitute since you were a little girl? What girl (or boy) hasn’t. Well, If you had attended the San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival you could have had your chance to become a certified hooker. The class was billed as away for working girls and guys to polish their skills in a supportive atmosphere.

Participants who stuck it out for the whole day received diplomas certifying them as G.S.W’s — graduates in sex work.

Several students went to lengths to explain that they see themselves as inheritors of a proud tradition — specialists with a choice instead of exploited victims. Sporting nary a stiletto heel among them, their expressed reasons for turning to sex work — an umbrella term that encompasses everything from exotic dancing and acting in pornographic films to turning tricks — were as varied as their hair colors and body types.

“My own personal experience has been negative and positive, as with any job,” said Kymberly Cutter, 36, a mother of two from Tucson who returned to prostitution two years ago to boost her income and regards it as part of a journey in “personal self-discovery.” Her children, ages 7 and 9, know what she does for a living, she said.

Wow, prostitution as a journey in “personal self-discovery.” Why not just watch an episode of Dr. Phil instead.

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