You Know They Asked Cuz’ Of The Resemblance

PETA has asked Paris Hilton to represent their campaign against cruelty to chickens.

Yes, this is the world you live in.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has written to Hilton asking her to become a spokesperson for chickens’ rights, hoping that the incarcerated heiress will sympathize with the birds’ cramped quarters.

“We’re asking Paris to narrate our Kentucky Fried Cruelty video showing how chickens are routinely crammed into tiny cages and suffer broken wings and legs,” PETA’s Dan Mathews tells MSNBC’s The Scoop. “Unlike inmates at the jail in L.A., these animals get no reprieve or medical treatment.”

And if Hilton does decide to come on board, the group already has a slogan ready for Hilton’s pro-poultry campaign: “KFC — that’s not hot.”

I would eat 10,000 buckets of their rat chicken if they keep her ass in there for the next twenty-five.

(Image via CityRag)

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