You Know That Couple In High School Or Freshman Year Of College That Goes Back And Forth And Everyone Hates Their Asses?

Paris and that guy who mows the lawn on “Desperate Housewives” are terrible . Why would they still get invited places if they playing all these cutesy vomit MySpace teenybopper reindeer games? They look carved out of cheese. Blech.

The couple were in a huge fight yesterday, and Josh refused to celebrate his buddy’s birthday at Saddle Ranch bar because Paris was scheduled to show up. After Josh heard that Paris changed her mind about going, he decided to go ahead and hit up the hotspot. But when Paris got wind that Josh was out, the heiress couldn’t resist crashing the party.

Shortly after the heiress arrived, the two appeared to have worked through their bickering and left together for Area nightclub.

“I’m not gonna go if Paris is there!” Are you a man? Fer chrissakes, I’m a f*cking flaming homosexual with Barbies in my apartment and I think I have more testes than you. Seriously, they’re THAT couple. The only way you can stand hanging around them is if you’re drunk because they’re fighting all the time and playing juvenile mindgames. And if they weren’t celebrities, they’d get married and be strangling each other for all eternity. Then add kids. But since they’re famous and dumb, they’ll get bored soon and find some other bodily fluid receptacle. And it’s a whole new configuration to irritate everyone. I thought California was supposed to have earthquakes. What gives?