You Don’t Have To Be Nominated To Enjoy Oscar Swag

This is a fact that, as a parasitic celebrity blogger, I am quickly learning. The offer to enjoy some pre-Oscar goodies recently came my way and I have to tell you, even though I totally plan on going and grabbing myself some awesome swag, it really, truly is an honor just to be nominated invited. Here’s the skinny…

I would love to extend an invitation for you to attend THE HAVEN – our three day suite leading up to the Oscars next week in the Hollywood Hills! This mansion is all brought together by Elle and Premiere Magazine, Revlon, Dove, Sony, AOL along with tons of fashion designers, accessories lines, spa and skincare lines – all of which will be gifting and pampering away…ALONG WITH tattoo artists, psychics, circque du soleil in the first residential performance ever, Serendipity frozen hot chocolate bar, celebrity cake chef Elizabeth Falkner (Food Network) and her interactive desert performances, celebrity poker, celebrity acoustic performances… and on top of all of that we are giving away $5,500 toilets from Toto!

Per usual, I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting into, but I did see that there was a free toilet involved. And honestly, you had me at the free toilet. The festivities will be taking place over three days, (Feb. 21 – 23) during the week before the Oscars and there will also be a photo gallery featuring photos taken by various celebrities, as well a celebrity poker event.

Once again, here I am, taking a bullet for the team. I promise to report back with whatever information/free shit I can gather. Over and out.

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