You Should Look At James Maslow’s Instagram Because He Shows Off His Abs

I decided to check out James Maslow’s Instagram and see what he tends to post, and we’re all in luck – he favors selfies and showing off his abs. Score.

James has been competing in the current season of Dancing With The Stars with his partner Peta Murgatroyd, and the pair seems to really have taken to each other, constantly posing for pictures and goofing off for the camera. 

In fact, most of James’s Instagram currently revolves around his Dancing With The Stars work, which is why he’s so often shirtless. Those costumes are great at showing off skin. All of the awards should go to those costume designers. James has killer abs.

While he posts pictures promoting the show and asking people to vote for him and Peta, James also knows how to goof off. He’s posted pictures of his “fancy” parking spot, and of him and Peta eating chips and salsa to “practice doing the salsa.” Personally I love dumb jokes so he has my attention.

Besides Dancing With The Stars, James also loves posting pictures of his adorable dog, events which he calls #FoxPhotoFriday. His dog is the cutest thing ever, just look at that face. Well, both of their faces, actually. Both of their faces are pretty cute.