You Know You Want An Embroidered Kanye West Tweet [PHOTOS]

Josh Groban Sings Kanye
Check out Josh Groban singing Kanye West's tweets.
Kanye West’s tweets are something to behold, so why not hang one of this tweets in your home.

For the low, low price of $45 plus shipping, supervelma will embroider and frame any of Kanye West’s crazy tweets for you!

Why does supervelma have a soft spot for Yeezy?

“Really, though, Kanye’s just saying what we’re all thinking,” she explains in a message on her Etsy shop. “Who amongst us hasn’t lamented the inability to procure a decent cherub-decorated rug or, at one time or another, needed to apologize to Taylor Swift? And for all of his grandiosity, he does have moments of introspection and self-awareness.”

I’ll take five please.