‘You Better Redneckognize’: Anderson Cooper Talks To Honey Boo Boo And Her Mom, June [VIDEO]

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Honey Boo Boo and June talk to Anderson Cooper

Six year old Alana, better know as Honey Boo Boo along with her family have acquired fame rather quickly. Their shocking outbursts and unique behavior appear to draw people in. Viewers of their show usually feel a strange mixture of amusement and disappointment. How can people live the way they do with so many people tuning into their lives? Some things they do and say are downright horrifying.

Anyone remember when Alana received a pig as a pet?

Their crazy antics do make for good television. The ‘go-go juice’ June Thompson was giving Alana received so much attention and that was even before they got their own show. These days people are watching them play in the mud, go to auctions for food, and so much more. All we can really ask ourselves is, what will these people do next?

Most recently, they received press from Anderson Cooper, who almost looked horrified during the interview. June looked like she went for a Jersey Shore style spray tan. Definitely a fashion don’t!

Many people seem to be disappointed in Alana’s behavior during the interview. It is true that she should have been a little bit more composed. There is a certain time when you can stretch out and act silly. An interview doesn’t classify as the appropriate time. Anyone who saw the show knows that Alana is in need of some etiquette boot camp because one etiquette class definitely wasn’t enough!

What do you think about Honey Boo Boo and her family? Do they make you feel ‘sassified’?

By Erin Cosgrove

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