You Belong With Me: Taylor Swift Inspired Pick-Up Lines [VIDEO]

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The idea of using Taylor Swift songs as pick-up lines sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? How could a break-up song possibly be romantic? Let’s face it, 90% of her songs are about tragic relationships ending or how her heart is aching for some man-boy.

Only someone as awkward as the man in this video could make it work. At first, I really thought this was going to be a lame, failed experiment, but the results were actually hilarious.

Imagine walking down the street with a friend and a man just approaches you and just serenading you. Wouldn’t that be a little peculiar? I wouldn’t really like a stranger singing, “you’re the reason for the teardrops on my guitar” to me. Not a way to score a date!

The description of the video says:

I want a girlfriend like Taylor Swift, so I decided to see if Taylor Swift’s lyrics could be used as pick up lines. Awkwardness ensues.

Now why would you want that? Sure, she’s beautiful and talented, but odds are, if you date her and the relationship goes south, you’re going to have a song written about you. Men never seem to heed the warning though and the same thing happens over and over again. Swift gets the last laugh when she’s running to the bank.

Check out the video above for awkwardness and hilarity.