Yesterday’s News: Jennifer Aniston Does Not Want To Be Your Victim!

March 14th, 2006 // 4 Comments

Thanks for putting up with our slow selves yesterday. Here’s what we didn’t have a chance to post.

  • Got that. “Don’t make me your victim … It makes my skin crawl.” It makes our skin crawl as well. Thanks Jen. [People]
  • Can Mariah Carey be bottled? Sure she can, and in the form of Zinfandel. [Pop Culture Junkies]
  • It’s Janet Jackson to the rescue. She’s going to try and save her brother’s Neverland Ranch. [FOXNews]
  • The New York Post and Daily News put the pieces together, so we don’t have to think so hard. [Gawker]
  • Model Shalom Harlow was not pulling an Anne Heche; she does not want to explore outer space to meet extraterrestrials. Her statement was misinterpreted; she wanted to be an astronaut as a child. [Page Six]
  • Oscar winner Rachel Weisz is the new face for Burberry’s campaign for it’s new fragrance London. [MSN]
  • Jennifer Lopez has split from the hairdresser to the stars, Orbie. The diva, Orbie that is, known for screaming tantrums, outlandish demands and $10,000 hair bills, is now focusing on his Miami salon. [Page Six]
  • Oscar winner George Clooney is trying to get people motivated to do something for their country, through the “FYI – Film Your Issue” program. So band together and make the film for political change that George Clooney wants you to make. [MSNBC]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    Well Jenn I have never made you my victim as a matter of fact I have never pitied you. When you and Brad were married and he would get on tv and say he wanted a family and you would say “oh i dont know” .. I knew it was doomed. It doesnt matter to me if Brad is with Angie or my ass crack… the point is you two do not belong together. The only person that is pitying you or making you a victim is YOU !! The more you convince the public you are over Brad and the more you act like your all that and a bag of potatoe chips the more ppl target you. Its obvious your not trying to convince the public you are trying to convince yourself. Is it really necessary to say in every interview you do “please do not pity me .. i’am happy” !!! Keep it real and maybe the papparazzi wont be in your crotch as much.

  2. ThillKill

    Does anyone else find the idea of Brad being with Tia’s ass crack strangly erotic?

  3. Canada Rules

    JLo’s “diva” hairstylist is not named “Orbie”, but Oribe. I remember reading an article on him in Vogue in the 90′s. He’s a Jenny-from-the-block, too. He was poor, taught himself to cut hair, and is now filthy stinking rich…

  4. LAS

    Jennifer, stop complaining. Your marriage broke up, and ever since then all we have heard about is whining about A) Brad daring to be happy with someone else, and B) how people are feeling sorry for you, how dare they!

    You made your own decisions, and they blew up in your face. So don’t worry, I ain’t feeling sorry for you.

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