Yes, There Will Be A ‘Fast And The Furious 5′

I’ve only seen the first Fast and the Furious, but I’m guessing I can skip the last three if I still want to see Fast Five, the fifth installment of Universal’s highly profitable series

If you haven’t seen any – cars can go fast and if you go faster than that guy you have a bigger dick.  There you go, all caught up. 

Shockingly, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are available again and ready to take on filming the new movie where they play fugitives, which unfortunately does not sound like it requires a three piece suit.

It looks like  Vin’s sick day may have gotten him dropped from his PR agency, but not the franchise. Maybe pick up some Airborne just in case.

Gallery: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker at the UK premiere of Fast and the Furious 4 on April 8th, 2009