Yes! Stephen Amell Was Shirtless On ‘Arrow’ Season Premiere

Stephen Amell & His Wife
The couple are spotted at the airport in Vancouver.
It is all about consistency folks. We were treated to some Stephen Amell shirtless action in the second season premiere of Arrow last night (October 10, 2013), which was one of the highlights among many.

Starling City’s favorite millionaire playboy/secret vigilante returns home for a second time in the Season 2 premiere. After the death of his best friend, Tommy, in the Season 1 finale, Oliver flees civilization in favor of the island where he was marooned for five years. Luckily, Diggle and Felicity convince him to head home again, after some world travel and a near-death on a land mine.

The loss of his friend forces Oliver (Amell) to question his rather frivolous approach to violence, as does the nature of this week’s threat – the emergence of a bloodthirsty gang of imitators ‘inspired’ by the vigilante who want justice for what happened to the city’s slums. 

The Ollie / Diggle / Felicity dynamic is re-established from the off and it again becomes immediately clear just how vital this three-way relationship is to the show. Both Emily Bett Rickards and David Ramsey have made themselves utterly indispensable at this point.

It was good to see Willa Holland not being wasted in this episode. Not only is Ollie’s little sis now in charge of his old club, but she finally gets a proper episodic emotional arc, with her kidnap forcing her to reassess what’s important in life and forgive her jailed mother.

All around the episode was a great one and it made me very excited for the rest of the season. Check out the pics of a shirtless Stephen Amell in the gallery!