Yep, Tara Reid Was Drunk

July 29th, 2005 // 43 Comments

I received an email from a very naive reader yesterday. She questioned the drunkenness of Tara Reid, and asked if just maybe her eyes were closed when the picture was being taken. Well, her eyes weren’t closed when her ass was up in the air. I wonder if Paris Hilton goes out with Tara because it can only make her look better? A few more after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Damian

    She’s not a drunk, she’s just an alcoholic. Seriously, cut the girl some slack.

  2. ??

    cut her some slack….then give her some booze!

  3. Jessica

    She Is Just Pathetic!!

  4. Callisto

    I Agree With You; Jessica… because Tara Is Indeed a Pathetic Alcoholic!!

  5. Anubis

    OMG!! Tara Is White Trash and a Pathetic Fool!!

  6. Brangelina

    Besides Pathetic; She Is Also an Druken Slut!

  7. jenny

    Someone must have given her some drawers! In the previous pics, she was bare-assed!

  8. glitterjar

    Pathetic,whore,trash bag,trailer trash……..i guess she has achieved her goals.

  9. Imesh

    OMG–why are we still talking about this girl!?! First of all, WHEN was her last movie!? And secondly she’s not even cute–in fact, she’s down right UGLY!! I’m over it!

  10. neeshad patel

    i wouldnt do her and there isnt much that i wouldnt do…

  11. A Boy and His Dog

    I see London, I see France…

  12. Cynthia

    Yeah, that’s it….her eyes are just closed–AGAIN!
    Drunken trashy whores, the both of them.

  13. Denise

    I personally think someone should give her a reality show “What Did I do Last Night?” Alley Cats!!!

  14. doofus

    Denise – BRILLIANT idea!

    never mind wild on…let tara go out and party down, and then show her the tapes of what she did the next day!

    maybe THAT would get her to mellow out. what happened to the “I don’t deserve this party girl image” and her plan to stop? the paparazzi only take pictures of what you give out…

  15. phinespice

    Stop being so hard on her…I really think it’s pretty amusing. I think that she has her problems, when she is ready she’ll figure it out and go into rehab (hopefully won’t balloon up like Courtney Love). I mean, I go out to bars and see girls that are in this state occasionally and it’s sad…but Tara is just too funny. While I am sure that she hooks up, there is not enough evidence to call her a skank. I would recommend that she wear jeans instead of a small skirt…that is true. Also, Denise, props on the “what did I last night” show. See…like I said, hilarious.

  16. medea

    she needs intervention, now!

  17. mel

    She is just a HOTT mess.

  18. not as drunk as tara

    she is the person at the party that no matter how drunk you get you can always “say well at least I wasn’t as drunk as …”

  19. J

    Awww… no barracuda-torn mipple shots. damn….

  20. An

    Umm…she’s a bit hard on the eyes…my God, she looks like crap for a 29 year old…

  21. Hear that? That’s the sound of Tara’s agent/manager/publicist tearing his/her hair out.

  22. Diego Tovar

    I think she looks pathetic she is just a Paris wannabe she is not even famous lol do you love it? that´s hjot

  23. Perry the Penis

    even I wouldn’t stick myself in there, nasty bitch!

  24. bad bunny

    these pictures are so funny! i mean it’s hilarious to see her in this state…just a complete mess. i wonder how she feels when she sees these pics?


  25. I think Tara Reid deserves a friggin break. The girl is no worse than 1/2 of the 20 somethings out there at bars on the Sunset Strip every weekend. Watch MTV-every Real World girl feels the need to get up on the bar and dance as if they belonged at a place called Les Girls. The difference is Tara Reid is famous so whenver she does something every Joe Blow with a camera phone catches it on film and swabs the internet with it.

  26. No Excuses

    Um…the MTV Real World chicks are barely 20 somethings…Tara Reid is crossing into 30 something territory…sorry, she’s too old to be skanking around like that.

  27. nicole

    What a bunch of negative Nancies. At least she’s wearing underwear.

  28. bad bunny

    negative nancie??? sorry that was the first time i’ve heard that

  29. kroz

    she is so nasty, she got fat too!

  30. I feel bad for her. I’ve been that girl a hundred times and loved every, lonely minute of it.
    I hope she embarks on some major project that removes the opportunity to get wasted and feel pretty.
    The best party girls are not the ones who are 23 and leaving JC to go to ASU… they are the ones like Tara and all the Springtucky Ladies with whom I spent a decade drinking and dancing in cages.
    Tara is probably awesome or she wouldn’t still be doing this stuff. I hope she gets some attention – god knows I need sme to keep me out of the mini-skirts and off the bar.
    And she’s not fat, she’s boated.

  31. AROD




  33. Passerby

    Someone (Jenny I think) mentioned she added some drawers along the way… I think that person must not have ever heard of a thong.

  34. The Humanity

    Frankenboob Lipobelly…..get help.

  35. Tara

    Fuck all you fuckers.

  36. WhoAreWeToJudge

    Let the one without sin cast the first stone. We have a world full of judges. Tara is the drunk innocent one in THIS group of people.

  37. randy

    dime a dozen whore with brains of rock. It’s a good thing for her she looks good and lives in a country where they pay well for it or she would be in a gutter somewhere.




  39. Give her a break…people get drunk ALL THE TIME! Celebrities are just the ones who get picked on for it.

  40. jeason

    tara is a fatass + an ugly miserable dick-eating + a disgusting waste of human flesh + TARA FATASS

  41. GMAN

    Give her a break people, especially you men you know you would do her if you had the chance.

  42. I find Tara quite sexy when she is drunk while wearing a denim mini skirt and flashing her pretty panties.

  43. I like seeing Tara fall on her ass while she is drunk

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