Yentas at The View Can’t Stop Squawking, Even on Jesus’ Birthday

Those hags over at the View are never satisfied. Like Prince’s Mom in “When Doves Cry”.

BARBARA Walters had to mend wounded egos at “The View” holiday party the other night after she gushed ad nauseam over Rosie O’Donnell, but somehow forgot to praise the rest of her yakking yentas. Babs took the mike and apologized for O’Donnell’s absence, saying she had to attend a funeral. “She went on to say what a wonderful addition Rosie had been and how much Rosie wanted the show to succeed. It went on for almost too long, then she exited the stage,” our spy said. “I saw Joy Behar walk over to [producer] Bill Getty and have a very animated discussion. A few minutes later Barbara interrupted the crowd again. She hadn’t even mentioned Joy or Elisabeth Hasselbeck the first time around. She apologized and gave some lame speech about how the show would not survive without them. Her excuse for not mentioning them was that she hadn’t prepared notes . . . I don’t think it went over very well with Elizabeth or Joy.”

Does anyone give a shit what goes over well with Elizabeth and Joy? Holy hell, I’d rather shove chopsticks under my fingernails than listen to these bitches bitch. Speaking as an observer, Elizabeth can be replaced instantaneously with some other conservative twit punching bag, and it looks as if Joy already was replaced by the braying lesbian to the right of her. And I don’t see a talk show starring just the two of them being very popular. So pipe down, and know your roles.

Barbara Pisses Off View Co-Hosts With Rosie Speech [Page Six]

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