Yay! A Mindy McCready Sex Tape!

You knew eventually had to be coming, and I’m thrilled for her that she now has one of her own. Unfortunately, the jail loving Mindy McCready sex tape is not with baseball great Roger Clemens. However, he plays a big part in the tape.

The video which features McCready, pictured here in 2006, having explicit sex with a former boyfriend named “Peter,” features snippets of detailed romps with celebrities including Roger Clemens.

During one of the interview portions, McCready says that she and Clemens didn’t get intimate until she was of legal age, and describes the MLB star as being “good” in bed, despite having “a lot of problems” with erectile dysfunction.

McCready goes on to reveal just how far she did or didn’t go with several celebrities, and refers to her ex-fiancé Dean “Superman” Cain as being better equipped behind closed doors then Clemens.

She even takes a stab at Oprah Winfrey, calling her racist. According to McCready, the talk show queen told her she should have been strong enough to escape an abusive relationship because she is white, and she believes Oprah wasn’t really informed about the ins and outs of domestic violence.

I guess we know who isn’t going to be back on Oprah anytime soon. You can purchase your copy of Baseball Mistress on Vivid.com on April 19th!