Yay! Courtney Stodden’s Boobs Are Real [PHOTOS]

Teen bride Courtney Stodden appeared on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers to prove, once and for all, that her ridiculously fake looking breasts are totally natural.

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A doctor examined the 17-year-old with an ultrasound machine to determine whether there was any undeclared implant action going on. Courtney’s creepy husband Doug Hutchison, 51, stood by and watched as his stiletto-wearing child bride revealed all in front of the TV audience.

Stodden shocked the world by marrying 52-year-old actor Hutchison earlier this year when she was just 16. Since then, tabloids and bloggers have speculated about whether she’s really a teenager — and if she’s had cosmetic surgery.

Hutchison said on Lifechangers Monday that he thought Stodden was much older when they met online. “I thought she was in her late twenties at least,” he said.

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So what was the verdict? Well, we’re not even sure! The docs discovered “some kind of circular object” in Courtney’s epic rack… but then determined that she’s “all real”.

More on the verdict plus a clip from the show…

Dr. Drew - “That is all normal tissue we are looking at…”

Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Diaz - “I guess she was telling us the truth. She doesn’t look like she has an implant.”

Dr. Drew – “You do not have an implant…is there a relief to finally set the record straight?”

Courtney Stodden – “It is. Yes. Thank you.”

As for her face, a plastic surgeon said it appeared to be unaltered, except for possible botox injections in the forehead. One of Stodden’s eyebrows doesn’t move: “You should be able to raise both, but you don’t,” the consulting surgeon said.