Xavier Samuel Talks About Being ‘Anonymous,’ ‘Twilight’ Frenzy, and More [PHOTOS]

So apparently, on a free night away from shooting Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous in Berlin last year, Xavier Samuel decided to go out to a club with his brother, Benedict, who was in town from Sydney. Samuel was hoping to remain unnoticed, but alas, it was not to be– but not for reasons you’d expect. Samuel recounted, “We walked up to the door of one bar, and people started screaming at my brother: ‘Jamie! Jamie! Jamie!'”

In a strange twist of irony, the crowd had mistaken Benedict for Jamie Campbell Bower, Samuel’s Anonymous costar. Even worse? The next day, newspapers boasted pictures of Benedict-as-Jamie “and friend.”

Oops. Awkward much?

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Samuel shared a few more details about working on Anonymous and how acting is like sex (“It’s possible if your partner is bad, but it’s better if they’re good”) before spilling some deets on the movie that launched him into international fame:  Twilight. Good to know that the fan frenzy over Twilight was as unreal to the stars as it was to non-fans like myself. Forced from their Vancouver hotel into a private residential compound while shooting Eclipse in 2009, Samuel described how much strategy when into utilizing free time:  lookalikes, synchronized meeting times and locations, the works. Geez.

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Between being mobbed left and right in Vancouver to having virtual anonymity in Berlin a year later, life as Xavier Samuel must never be dull!