‘X-Men: First Class’ Co-Stars Michael Fassbender And Zoe Kravitz Go Public

Damn it!

X-Men: First Class co-stars Michael Fassbender and Zoe Kravitz went public with their relationship Sunday in New York City.  The lovebirds took a stroll through the West Village before having brunch with friends, including Kravitz’s ex, Ben Foster.

Sources tell Us Magazine that they are a “low-key” couple (of course) and that “they really didn’t want to be a topic of conversation during the press for X-Men.”

Despite their 12-year age difference, Kravitz and Fassbender are apparently a great match. The source says, “Zoe’s really mature for her age in that she has very strong opinions and she is very confident in herself. Most people are shocked to learn she’s so young; she doesn’t really bring it up and age would never stop her from dating anybody.”

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As for Fassbender?  Sure, he’s good-looking and a great actor, but it’s Kravitz who brings the shy hottie-bombottie out of his shell.  “She respects his talent,” the source explained.