‘X Files’ Reunion At David Duchovny’s Broadway Debut

In case you were wondering, David Duchovny is currently in a Broadway play, The Break of Noon, costarring Amanda Peet.  But if we’re being honest with ourselves, we are more interested in the fact that Gillian Anderson flew in from England to support her former X Files partner by attending his opening night.  And a million aging nerds squeal with glee (I admit nothing)!

This is David’s first play, and the reviews are positive, so feel free to forget about that whole sex-addict business and remember him for more important things!  Like the X Files, I mean, being a smash on Broadway!

Speaking of which, here are Mulder and Scully at the after party opening night this past Monday.  Tea Leoni was also there to stand by her man.  Pardon me for being forward, but Gillian Anderson looks hot!  Also, whatever magical potion she’s been smearing on her face, I’ll take two!