WWE Wrestler Had History Of Domestic Violence

June 26th, 2007 // 11 Comments

No snark on this one. Ugh. Chris Benoit is the WWE wrestler who was found dead along with his family yesterday. Law enforcement sources believe that he hung himself on Monday after killing his wife and son. Ugh. Allegedly, there was a history of domestic violence in the Benoit family.

In divorce papers filed in 2003, Nancy Benoit included a petition for protection from domestic abuse against Chris. In the papers, Nancy claimed that Benoit, “lost his temper and threatened to strike the petitioner and cause extensive damage to the home and personal belongings of the parties, including furniture.” Nancy added that she was, “in reasonable fear for petitioner’s own safety and that of the minor child.”

Three months later, Nancy filed to have the divorce papers and the restraining order dismissed. A short time later, a judge granted her wish.

As TMZ first reported, law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe Benoit strangled his wife on Saturday, smothered his son on Sunday and then hanged himself on Monday.

Scary. Sad.

(Image updated with apologies.)

By J. Harvey

  1. jb2

    why are you using a picture of Batista?!?

  2. Maisie

    That’s Batista not Benoit.

    I’m someone what ashamed I know that. But I’ve always been a girl who’s one of the boys.

  3. how did i know that some of these readers would be anal enough to trip over each other to point out the pic is the wrong guy.

  4. Christine

    Why are you showing a picture of Dave Batista? I’m sure its just a mistake, but still Batista had nothing to do with this tragedy.

  5. BlindSlacker

    this new damn web page is killing my eyes–MY EYES!!!!! not to mention my boss can see it from a mile away!

  6. jb2

    “Rolls Eyes” – I don’t think it is anal. I just think that it is probably better to not link someone to a horrific tragedy they had nothing to do with.

  7. Roid Rage.

    They should outlaw the entire lot of those roided out “wrastlers”. They are all violent nut-jobs no matter who’s in the picture.

  8. jesse d

    Agreed, BlindSlacker. I’ve liked the new colors until now but my eyes are well and truly BLEEDING with the red background, blue ink. AARGH And it’s not very work-discreet, either.

  9. sandie

    I hope he goes to hell, fucker.
    He has to be so selfish and killed his wife and kid… mofo loser

  10. BIll Cosby

    Benoit and I have the same birthday. Well, not the black Bill Cosby, BUT MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  11. ginger

    suicide is the most selfish act.
    Choose to take your own life….
    but to kill your wife AND child?????
    how horrible and spiteful.
    We will never understand.

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