WTF: MTV Pays Gabi Gregg $100,000 To Tweet

Chicago resident Gabi Gregg may have just landed the best gig ever as MTV’s first-ever Twitter jockey.

Gregg, 23, beat out four other finalists to become the text-voted champion during a live broadcast Sunday night. Having inked a one-year contract, which comes with a $100,000 salary, Gregg will tweet about events, etc. Let me just say that this is BULLSHIT.

“It’s insane that I wasn’t even looking for a job in social media, but I loved it and it was a hobby and they saw that,” she said Monday of the MTV scouts who initially found her. “And here I am.”

What could she possibly be saying that is worth her salary of $100,000? That sounds like a bad investment on MTV’s part and I’m sure it won’t go beyond a year at most.

Hunter Walker, for, summed it up nicely, saying, “In other words, Gabi Gregg is shaping up to be a digital age version of Jesse Camp.” Does everyone remember him? Follow Gabi at @gabifresh and @MTVTJ.

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