WTF Is Amber Rose Wearing?

January 26th, 2010 // 9 Comments

Some sort of a sparkly flesh-colored body condom? This one of Amber Rose‘s many outrageous outfits that she wears to attract attention to herself. She’s at the Chanel show, and if Coco saw her right now, I have a feeling she’d put out her cigarette on Amber’s Rose.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. em_jee

    Lovely Amber “If Speedskaters Wore Dresses” Rose. Always a beaut.

  2. john

    stupid fucking nigger

  3. steve

    What a hideously skanky, foul whore that tart is. That ridiculous condom suit should’ve also most definately covered her butt-fugly face (and dear lord, air supply).
    Kanye has that skank bracelet constantly attached to his arm to deflect the attention of how much of a talentless windbag douche he is.
    Never have two total fuckheads been so suited to one another.

  4. Brooke

    Steve says: “Never have two total fuckheads been so suited to one another.”

    But what about Heidi and Spencer? Haha

  5. Izzy

    “If Speedskaters Wore Dresses…”
    Good one!

  6. Nancy

    She is disgusting! She is totally nude under that poor excuse for a dress…

    I have no use for Kanye either!

  7. Angel2

    Diddy is always pulling up his pants in pictures! That lady only looks good when something covers her head anyway. What could it be that she thinks she’s showing off?

  8. bazel

    She really does look like an Alien. She might take off the tags next time. Perfect narcissistic couple.

  9. bazel

    Anyone notice Kanye’s pants are stuck in his only partially laced boots? What a dork. Their type (personality disorder) always thinks that their presence is such a gift to the world and they can say “f-o” to everyone and dress like no class porn stars. Treat them as they deserve…don’t take their pictures.

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