Wright’s Right: Beyonce Has A New Baby Brother

March 24th, 2010 // 2 Comments

It would be much appreciated if some men could pipe up in the comments section with examples of how they do sweet things and are not scumbags, because we at SL are really starting to loose faith. Examples of how women are equally scummy will also be accepted. Actually, we have an example of that in Alexsandra Wright who must have known Mathew Knowles was married during their 18 month affair (and you could argue that all the women with cheaters share the scum label). Although that marriage looks like that marriage is out the door along with Tina Knowles.

Despite denials that actress Wright’s claims that Beyonce‘s Dad ,Mathew, was the father of her new baby boy Nixon, TMZ is reporting that the DNA test was a match. The lawyers are hashing out the child support settlement. In October Papa Knowles was temporarily ordered to pay $8,200. That’s more than Jude Law is reportedly paying and Knowles is not making actor money. We wonder if he’ll have any required visitation like Law or if Beyonce, seen here performing her soul sister Alicia Keys at MSG on March 17th, will meet her new blood brother.

By Madison Ventura

  1. Jeff

    I’m a single Dad who put up with months of my ex and her family playing games with access to my son until I ultimately had to file for court to have a shared custody plan. She will be the first to tell you I am an amazing Dad; she just was upset about the seperation and felt that was a way to hold on to control and make me feel pain.

    My son is my world. I live for the days of the week I get to spend time with him and try and be the best Dad I can. Just check out my blog iammoving4ward.blogspot.com

    There are amazing men and fathers out there. Not all of them are deadbeats!

  2. Secia lopez

    ? have 2 brothers and one sister named daisey

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