Would You Really Want To Take Sex Advice From Jay McCarroll

March 10th, 2006 // 6 Comments

I did the sex advice column for Nerve back in January, and it was quite fun. This time around they are asking the advice of Project Runway contestants Daniel Franco, Diana Eng, Zulema Griffin and Jay McCarroll. The weirdest thing we learn from the interviews is that Diana once received a death threat.

Here’s a taste of the Nerve.com interview:

You never hooked up with a Jay groupie?
I tried, but I’m so bad at flirting that I can’t get in the pants. I’ve been in a situation where they’re like, “Wait a minute, are you that guy from Runway Project?” And I’m like, “Yeah, I have your dick in my mouth right now. Let’s talk about this after you come.” True story. But yeah, sleep with them [groupies]. Who cares? There are so many people in this world. Sleep with them and blow them off like you blow anybody else off. But make sure your dick is big enough so she doesn’t tell all her little MySpace friends how you’re hung like a mouse.

In one sentence, what’s the best remedy for a bad breakup?
Anonymous sex. I’m going to a bar at seven p.m., staying until two a.m., my eyes are going to cross and I’m going to pick up the only person that shows me the slightest bit of attention. I don’t care if you’re sixty-one. I’m horny. You’ve got a mouth and I have a dick to shove in it. Um, that and maybe a romantic novel, chocolates and a bath.

sex advice from Project Runway Stars [Nerve.com]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. d.c.

    too much information from a nothing about nothing.. gross..

  2. susan

    Yikes! TMI!!

  3. How about you’re just plain ugly, and gross. Now please go away.

  4. Emma In London

    Did he raid a bad taste store? Fuck off back to the line dancing school

  5. silvarga

    A few things:

    #1: Eww!

    #2: The words “Jay McCarroll” and “sex” should never be used in the same sentence.

    #3: She? She, who? When did Jay start referring to herself in 3rd person?

    #4: (addendum to #2) the words “Jay McCarroll” and the term “Must Resort to Forced Geriatric” closely followed by the the word “Sex” is perfectly suitable.

    #5: Be sure to look for Jay McCarroll’s “Assisted-living Fetishwear (and Falafel Emporium)” next Fashion Week.

  6. Miu Miu! Thanks for linking to this interview – and yes, did a Nerve interview before – it was one of the best ones. Thanks again!



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