Would You Watch Courtney Stodden And Dough Hutchison%u2019s Reality Show?

We don’t know what the sod is wrong with Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden – pedophilia is one thought that comes to mind – but watching them go on talk show after talk show, convinced that they’re enchanting the masses is pretty entertaining.

Creeper, 51 and Creepette, 16 went on Australia’s The Morning Show via satellite to show Aussies just how real their love is.  Wearing her signature clear-strapped bra, a tank top and lots of Wet N’ Wild frosted gloss, Courtney worked the camera while introducing her dogs, Tuna and Bizarre. Watch their appearance after the jump.

Now it’s being reported – WAIT FOR IT – that Stodden and Hutchinson have a reality show in the works.  I know.  Stodden told the Australia talk show that theirs will be “out of this world” and that a very “prominent producer” has been talking regarding negotiations.  Hutchinson added that he and the wife have “been seduced by a lot of producers.”

PHOTOS: Nice Bikini Line, Courtney Stodden

I can’t with these two.

If you will, take a stroll through Stodden’s recent tweets.  Do tell, which one do you find most sexual and violent?

Took a stimulating stroll on Hollywood BLVD with my pink pup. I love how the evening breeze slightly blows through my hair & touches me. 😉

Off to run my productive-fulfilled errands under the humid sky, while nothing but utter sex-appeal slowly drips from my rill curvy-bod. ;-x

While Doug prepares a delicious din-din, I arouse his appetite by shakin it on the kitchen counter to “Car Candy” … Just doin’ my job! 😉

Had a blast last night @ the Santa Monica Pier. I loved performing dances on the light up poles. Who knew a ferris wheel could be so fun?!

Dipping myself into a creamy satin dress that whispers nothing but sweet seduction… Purrrrr! ;-x

Experiencing such a wet ‘n wild afternoon by turning on a water hose and squirting it all over my heated flesh! Mmm feeling rejuvenated! XOs