Worst Thing You’ll Hear All Day: Kim Kardashian’s “Jam”

March 2nd, 2011 // 9 Comments

For those of you who thought Paris Hilton was a horrible singer and had awful songs, prepare to eat your words. This song is so bad that I will gladly listen to Paris’ album on repeat for a full week.

Here’s my problem with this song – it’s just boring. It’s got the beat, but the melody is so monotone and it doesn’t do Kim Kardashian‘s voice any favors. Structurally, it’s just not that interesting either. I would have expected her to have a better track than this, but to be fair – producers save those tracks to sell to Britney or someone of that caliber who will REALLY make them some money.

And then we’ll be subjected to the video…

Kim’s attempt at a ‘fun’ track is what it is. How do you feel about it? I’ve weighed in and now so should you…

By Justin Thompson

  1. killmenowwwww

    horrible just horrible
    i wish i was helen keller so i wouldn’t have to listen to or see this trashy talentless whore
    i mean seriously, there is nothing sadder than to see a talentless 30 year old try to be a pop star

  2. Kill me now

    This song is aooo bad. Cmon Kim, you listen to music all the time, this is so horrible I dont even have the words for it.

    Please crawl under a rock….

  3. Jessica

    You know your bad when your non singing voice has to be autotuned :/

  4. Joanna

    WOW…Okay people listen up…just because you are a rich socialite does not imply that you should suddenly feel the need to make a song. I’d rather listen to cat sex…not that I’d ever wanna do that (God help me) but it would be a heck of a lot better than this. Kim, I like that you are a big activist and use use your popularity to give to charity, but stay away from singing. TIA :-)

  5. Jessika

    It could have had ok potential but her voice is so monotone, she has no range. You can just tell where she could have done more with her voice.. it almost sounds like she’s bored with the song itself.

  6. twinkle


    What has she done to her face? Is it just the cake frosting makeup in this photo? She looks like a clown.

  7. Rose Murphy

    she sounds a hold lot better than that no singing Kim on Atlanta house wives!

  8. kim kardashian kourtney kardashian qvc
    Nichole Schlenker
    Commented on this photo:

    No, No, No. Singing just isn’t her thing. It was a nice try but thats all it was, and a failed one at that. I have to give her credit for being brave enough to make an attempt, but she should stick to singing in the shower…. very quietly.

  9. sarah

    this “song” makes me jealous of deaf people. kim: please wake up and realize you are not good at anything

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